Prestations – ONE person for YOUR CD.


  • Studio (hall without audience, audio studio)
  • Live (in concert).
  • Daily rate (2 x 3 h) or concert.
  • Travel and accommodation paid by artist

AL equipment used:

  • Schoeps, Beyer, AKG microphones
  • other microphones on rental.
  • Sound Devices 788T with 160Gb HD
  • Monitoring on Genelec 1029 and 1031 & Cabasse Eider


  • All steps towards the CD manufacturing
  • Glass-master creation
  • Checking of all sound elements
  • Link with a reference French factory


  • Conception by proposals of standard layouts
  • Creation, translation and edition of texts
  • Tests for approvals
  • Follow-up to final printing

Photos – Vidéo

  • Photo shoots up to 10 Mp
  • Research and editing of archival images.
  • All kinds of video shootings
  • From the clip for Internet to a Blu-Ray DVD


  • Supervision of manufacturing
  • Test of finished products
  • Listening and final approval
  • Delivery to the artist of his own CD’s


  • No store distribution of the CD’s.
  • AL website for sale of actual CD / audio file
  • Sales statements on request
  • The artist can sell his CD’s by any mean


  • AL promotes the label
  • CD copies to AL for promotion.
  • The artist promotes his CD by all means
  • The artist and AL coordinate promotion

Special promotion operations

  • Preliminary agreement between AL / Artist
  • Split 50/50 of net profit


  • All existing, from cardboard sleeve to 3 – 4 CD’s box
  • Prices according to quantity and format

Re-publishing – AL can:

  • Reproduce original graphics
  • Create new artwork and packaging
  • Manufacture and sell the CD

Re-publishing – rights: the artist

  • acknowledges whole artistic ownership
  • clears AL of all responsibility in case of conflict
  • informs the musicians of the re-publication

Prestations – ONE person for YOUR CD.